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Tart Cherry Research

The good news about tart cherries, tart cherry juice and tart cherry powder just keeps coming...

Leading magazines and websites across America are publishing articles on tart cherries and how this ruby red fruit can help maintain healthy joint function*.

On this page, you’ll learn about some of the published research and news stories on the tart cherries.

Dr. Oz:

Dr. Oz. recently featured the natural health benefits of tart cherry juice on his popular TV show. During the show, he talked about the antioxidants naturally found in this tiny, red fruit. Dr. Oz also mentioned a number of the natural health benefits of tart cherry juice including the naturally occuring melatonin, heart health and how cherry juice may help to soothe sore muscles.

Check out the first minute or so of the Dr. Oz. segment below and see how he started talking about the amazing antioxiant benefits of tart cherry juice.

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Check out more videos on the health benefits of tart cherries below:

Health Benefits of the Tart Cherry - Video 1

Health Benefits of the Tart Cherry - Video 2

Red (Tart) Cherry Verse the Black (Sweet) Cherry


Cherry Juice ArthritisNew Flash: Arthritis Today magazine features Tart Cherry Powder

Arthritis Today stated how the tart cherry may help maintain healthy joints*. In addition, the article went on to mention the research conducted at the University of Michigan in the benefits of tart cherry powder.

This recognition by the Arthritis Foundation speaks volume about the amazing health benefits of tart cherry powder. We use the highest quality tart cherry powder in all of our Fruit Advantage tart cherry supplements.


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New Flash:

Published Study from Oregon Health and Science University

In 2012, a published study from the Oregon Health and Science University was conducted on 20 female participants ranging in ages between 40 - 70. The researchers in the study concluded that drinking tart cherry juice twice a day for three full weeks resulted in the participants enjoying healthy joint function*.

The published results also pointed out the fact that tart cherries contain powerful antioxidants and help to relief the pain of achy joints. A daily dose of tart cherries (as cherry extract) helped to reduce achy joints by over 20% in the majority of people.

New Flash:

Tart Cherries may help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and more...

Initial research from the University of Michigan finds tart cherry powder made from whole tart cherries may help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and also fight cell oxidative stress (cell damage caused by free radicals).

Earlier, studies show that tart cherries are packed with naturally occurring antioxidants to help maintain a healthy body. The results of a study conducted by the University of Michigan were presented at the Experimental Biology meeting in Washington D.C..

During the study, whole tart cherry powder was fed to two test groups of rats. The tart cherry powder equated either to 1 percent or 10 percent of their diets for a 90 day period. Another study group received diets with no whole cherry powder.

The results showed that the cherry-enriched diets had experienced additional health benefits when compared to the none cherry-enriched diets.

The researchers found that the rats in the study which were fed tart cherry powder benefited from just modest amounts of tart cherry powder. Some of the results included lower levels of cell oxidative stress (possibly due to the synergistic benefits of the compounds found in the tart cherry powder). In addition, the study indicated the tart cherry powder may also help maintain cardiovascular health in the subjects.

The researchers also indicated that after receiving promising cardiovascular results from using tart cherry powder in the study, the U of M team will soon launch clinical trials on humans.

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Source: Cherry-enriched diets reduce metabolic syndrome and oxidative stress in lean Dahl-SS rats. Experimental Biology 2007 225.8, Seymour EM, Singer AAM, Bennink MR, Bolling SF. Presented in minisymposium 225, Dietary Bioactive Compounds: Chronic Disease Risk Reduction.


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