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Tart Cherry Capsules

As the name suggests, tart cherry capsules are basically tart cherries encapsulated into an easy-to-swallow capsule. While the tart cherry capsules offer a number of benefits, which I will example below, one of the main advantages of the capsules is the convenience they provide.

The Convenience of the Cherry Capsules

Unlike the like concentrate, which requires refrigeration, you can take the capsules with you without any concern for refrigeration. This makes them very easy to store. You can keep the bottle in your cabinet or take it with you while you travel. Also, you don’t need to reconstitute them prior to taking them. Prior to drinking the cherry concentrate, the reconstitution instructions indicate to mix one ounce of the concentrate with seven ounces of water to make an eight ounce glass.

Natural Sugar, Antioxidants and Calories

The capsules are low in natural sugar, less than one gram of sugar, also called fructose, per serving. One serving of the Fruit Advantage Joint Formula cherry capsules are two easy-to-swallow capsules. Each serving delivers 1200 mg of the cherry powder and delivers the specific antioxidant benefits of drinking over 5 glasses of the cherry juice without the sugar. So not only are they more convenient, they provide more specific antioxidants when compared to the juice.

Our capsules are produced from only the tart cherry variety. This is the variety that has most of the research you seen online, on television or hear on the radio has been conducted on.

See how the sugar in the cherry capsules compare to other products

The Manufacturing Process

The first step in extracting the natural benefits of the fresh fruit is to decide on the type of manufacturing process to use. While a number of different methods are available, we use a proprietary process we call FruiTraction. This is a method that starts with whole IQF (individually quick frozen) tart cherries and with low temperate and low pressure, the cherry is processed into a bio-absorbable powder. This means to the finished product will be absorbed in the body very readily.

Once the powder is produced it then encapsulated into an easy-to-swallow vegetable (vegan) capsule. As mentioned above, each daily serving (two capsules) delivers 1200 mg to tart cherry and this is the most amount of tart cherry available on the market.


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