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Here's why Cherry Hugs are the best!
The Comfort

The unique product design features the use of cherry pits and specially designed materials. Together with quality workmanship and hand embroidery, Cherry Hugs not only look great but also provide soothing, lasting relief from aches, pains, and muscle soreness. Experience the prolonged, comforting warmth when heated in the microwave, or enjoy the cool, relaxing sensation when chilled in the freezer. It’s safe and portable, with no drips or wires.

Its the Pits

Cherry pits are nature's best thermal conductor. Because of their hollow shape, the pits retain heat and cold longer than any other natural product up to an hour depending on the product and its use. The pits are washed and dried using a patented process, and then placed in an insulated, flame retardant bag.

The Fabric

The suede polyester fabric has been specially treated and laminated so it is:

  • Flame retardant
  • Moisture repellent, to keep the spills out
  • A thermal barrier in order to retain temperature
  • Surface washable

We are currently working on new Cherry Hug Product and it will be available soon


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