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Fruit Juice Concentrates

Fruit juice concentrate is known in several different ways including concentrated fruit juice, fruit concentrates and concentrated from juice. However, no matter what variation of the term is used the product is instantly known.

How is Fruit Juice Made?

One of the main benefits of the concentrates is it allows fruit juice to enjoy a longer shelf life makes them easier to ship and store. So the initial step is for the grower to decide how the fruit is going to the used. Once the fruit is picked is allocated based up on demand in the marketplace and machinery in place to process the fruit. For example, during cherry harvest the growers divide the fruit into several different groups including: fresh cherries, frozen cherries, fruit for drying and for making fruit concentrates.

Once the fruit is allocated, the process begins. It is washed, peeled and then pressed. The recently pressed juice is filtered through several size filters to remove as much of the pulp as possible. The next decision to make is whether to pasteurize or allow the juice to remain in its not-from-concentrate state.

How is the Fruit Juice is Concentrated?

Applying a heat treatment is the initial step in the process. This allows the water to be evaporated from the recently pressed material. As the water is removed, the rich taste of the underlying is begins to become very evident. Once completed, it is usually pumped into either 5-gallon pales or 52-gallon drums and frozen.

Nutritional Values

When comparing the nutritional values of not-from-concentrate and concentrated fruit juices they are very similar. However, when comparing the two, consumers should keep in mind the serving size. Some fruit juices recommend a 4 oz. serving, however to reconstitute the concentrate, recommendations 1oz. to 7 oz. of water to make an 8 ounce glass. So the nutritional information on the bottle of the concentrated fruit drink would be double of the standard drink.

Also, keep in mind that many of the fruit juices available on store shelves are a combination of several different juices. The concentrates on the other hand are typically only one type of concentrate, so you know exactly what you are buying.

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