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100 cherry juice

When customers contact us to inquiry about tart cherry juice, the first question they ask is usually, "Is it 100 Cherry Juice?" and the answer is always "Yes"! With this being the answer, we know it pleases many of our customers to know that over the past 10 years, we have only offered the 100% pure product. This means that when our customers mix up a glass of our product, they are getting nothing but the cherry in the glass. No additives, no preseratives, nothing but anything but the pure fruit in the liquid form. So it is excellent to enjoy and know that with every glass you only getting the great taste and health benefits of this ruby red fruit. Check out what one of our customers told us during a recent telephone order. "I have tried a number of other cherry juice's on the market but I like your's the best. I really tastes like fresh fruit" Jody C. We receive comments like this from a number of our customers on a continuous basis. Check out the page for  100 cherry juice the next time you want to enjoy the amazing health benefits of the Michigan-grown, Montmorency red drink.
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