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Are You Stressed? Grab a Free copy of the Breaking Free from Stress Book

BreakFreefromStressIf you're looking for some great information you can grab for free to reduce your stress levels, check out this triple bonus package you can grab for free! Now that the hectic days of summer are behind us, it doesn't mean the coming months are any less stressful. To no surprise, according to the results of a recently published survey by the American Psychological Association the holidays are most stressful time of the year. However, what many people may not realize that October is the start of the coming holiday season.   The top three most stressful months of the year, in ascending order are October, November, and December.  This mean October is the third most stressful month of the year. The reason is the month of October starts the holiday stress in earnest. This is the month many start putting together their holiday lists, holiday budgets and travel plans. According to the American Psychological Association survey results the top reasons for holiday stress include:
  • Lack of money (61%)
  • Pressures of gift giving (42%)
  • Lack of time (34%)
  • Credit card debt (23%)
While their are others reason for the additional stress of the holiday season, according to the results of the survey, these are the leading reasons.   That is why I wanted to give you a free copy (retail value $19) of this stress fighting triple book/workbook combination in October rather than in November or December. This free instant downloadable triple pack will help you to break free from stress not only during the holiday season, for all year long. This triple-pack bonus includes:
  • Breaking Free from Stress Executive Summary
  • Breaking Free from Stress Book
  • Breaking Free from Stress Complete Workbook
You'll enjoy all of the great information in this triple-pack combination. The Executive Summary provides an excellent overview of what is in the book. It's great for an at-a-glance reference. The Breaking Free from Stress book has some great information and tips that will help you manage and break free from stress. Finally, the workbook is packed full of insight questions to help you overcome stress. In all, these combination is a great way to start the coming holiday season stress free. Best of all, it's free to you as an instant download. Here is the link to download the Breaking Free from Stress Triple Pack Bonus. While the book doesn't specifically mention cherry juice, one of the strategies is to get a restful night's sleep. Did you know cherry juice is one of the top sources of naturally occurring melatonin? This mean drinking a glass a few hours before bed may help with getting a most restful night's sleep, thus helping to break free from stress.
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