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Celebrate National Cherry Month with the Website

Celebrate all of the natural goodness of cherries with the newly redesigned website entirely dedicated to getting the word out about National Cherry Month and the natural health benefits of tart cherries. This one-of-a-kind website lists over two dozen of the leading cherry festivals and events held across the world.

February is forever etched in the America’s heritage by boasting Washington’s birthday on February 20th . In addition, this tiny red fruit will forever hold a spot in halls of every elementary school in America as the legend of George Washington and cherry tree.

As the legend goes, young George Washington couldn’t tell his father a lie about him chopping down the cherry tree. Thus, this simple ruby red fruit is forever intertwined with first President of our great nation and the month of February.

While the first cherry festivals don’t begin until late March or early April, getting the word out about this tiny fruit and cherry related events is the purpose of this website.

According to founder, Andy LaPointe of the Traverse Bay Farms, a cherry-related company and founder of the website, “The tart cherry is packed full of an array of amazing natural health benefits that many people may not be aware. These benefits include maintaining healthy joint function*, helping to soothe sore muscles due to physical exercise* and more.

The mission of this website is to be a resource for folks interested in enjoying this fruit and attend an upcoming cherry festival and cherry event.” Mr. LaPointe continued, “You can also download a free tart cherry recipe book with over 50 great-tasting cherry recipes that are great for all occasions. This free downloadable book is a compilation of some the best cherry recipes available today and a few of these recipes have won awards.”  

This recipe contains scrumptious holiday recipes to quick-n-easy recipes for the kids, you'll savor every bite. Here is a sample of what you'll receive when you download this FREE Cherry recipe eBook:

-Black Forest Upside-Down Sundae
- Low-Fat Cherry Dream
- Firecracker Salsa
- Traditional Cherry Pie
- Low-Fat Cherry Power Bars

In addition to containing great tasting recipes, it also explains why the tart cherry is so healthy and even includes some of the natural health benefits of the tart cherry, cherry juice, too. Mr. LaPointe also said, “So not only do visitors enjoy great tasting recipes, they learn about how the tart cherry can help them enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle.” 

To learn more about the National Cherry Month website, complete with over two dozen listings of cherry festivals and events visit Contact Information: Traverse Bay Farms / Fruit Advantage 7053 M-88 South Bellaire, MI 49615 1-231-533-8788

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