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Cherries Health

[caption id="attachment_939" align="alignleft" width="125" caption="Cherry Juice"]Cherry Juice Health Benefits[/caption] Cherries offer Health Benefits Since the 1950's, the cherry has received a lot of press and interest from those seeking to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. According to published research, this fruit offers a number of natural ways to remain health. According to research from Michigan State University, it offers naturally occurring anthocyanins. This compound may help to maintain healthy joint function. In addition, published research from the University of Texas shows it is also one of Nature's leading source of naturally occuring Melatonin. This compound helps with sleepiness during the night and wakefulness during the day. So that is one reason a number of individuals have turned to drinking a glass of cherry juice for getting a more restful night's sleep. So as people look to enjoy life on a more natural basis many are selecting this tasty red orb for the cherries health benefits, but also its taste. In fact, its flavor is one of most popular taste for people of all ages. We have even put together a complete tart cherry recipe book that you can download free right from our site.
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