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Cherry Benefits

[caption id="attachment_946" align="alignleft" width="125" caption="Dried Cherries from Traverse Bay Farms"]Dried Cherries from Traverse Bay Farms[/caption] Everywhere you look it seems you’re reading about cherry benefits! You’re either reading how this tiny red fruit helps to maintain healthy joint function, maintain healthy sleep patterns and even help the body to fight damaging free radicals. In addition to receiving a lot of great print news, a number of website have also been talking about it. In fact, just over the past few weeks we have had a number of our customer send us links to a number of these website posting information about the cherries. Even daytime television shows are touting cherry benefits. In fact, a few weeks back Dr. Oz did an excellent segment on the cherries and cherry juice and how they can help people enjoy a more active lifestyle. He talked about how his grandfather had a cherry farm. As usual, Dr. Oz. also gave some excellent examples how this fruit helps with a number of health issues and best of all it does it naturally. The reason we are so excited here are Traverse Bay Farms / Fruit Advantage is the cherry season is fast approaching and soon we’ll be seeing countless cherry blossom popping out of the buds on the trees. This means that we’ll all soon be benefiting from the 2011 harvest of fresh tart cherries. In addition, we’ll soon be seeing the dried, powdered, cherry juice concentrate and frozen cherries from this coming harvest.
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