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Cherry juice recipes

The Dr. Oz. show talked about the natural health benefits of cherry juice on his show again. We had several customers call us the tell us about how good they feel after drinking our Fruit Advantage drink. In addition, it's good to know that this tiny fruit continues to get natural attention. This is not only good for our customers, but for the countless number of people who still may not know about all of the great health benefits this Michigan-grown fruit can bring. So with the approach of the warm summer weather, here are a few cherry juice recipes you can enjoy during these warm summer months. How to make Cherry Juice: 1 oz. of juice concentrate 7 oz. of water Mix the concentrate with the water, add some ice and enjoy. It makes an excellent refreshing drink with any meal of the day. Red and White Drink 1 oz. of the concentrated juice 4 - 6 oz. of white wine The next time you pour yourself a glass of white wine, add in an ounce of cherry juice. You'll enjoy a unique and tasty combination of the wine and the cherry juice. We also have a complete listing of recipes for you too in our free health report that you can download directly from our homepage.
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