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Sour Cherry Juice Concentrate

Sour cherry juice concentrate is also referred to as "tart" cherry juice concentrate The reason these two terms are inchangeable is this tasty fruit drink does has a tart and sour combination. The taste profile of this ruby red fruit drink and fresh fruit is very distinctive. When enjoying the fresh fruit, when you toss a few of these fresh cherries in your mouth, it may even as some say "pucker you up". Although it may pucker you up, it is also one of the foods that you simply have to have another. It one of these experiences that will take you to the edge or your taste buds, but it won't wreck them or push you over the edge. In a phase, it's simply "tart not sour" The sour cherry juice concentrate is similar to the fresh fruit. The drink is "very cherry". Just like when you are enjoying a glass of orange juice, you know you drinking an orange. This juice is very similar, you know you're enjoying a cherry juice drink. Some people even say this liquid fruit tastes like drinking a cherry juice, which I agree.
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