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Top Reasons to Increase Your Family's Cherry Consumption!

Tart Cherry JuicePublished research shows the Amazing Antioxidant Benefits of Tart Cherries

Numerous studies show the antioxidant potential of the ruby, red tart cherry.  Many of these studies and research has been conducted on humans participants, so we know exactly how the tart cherry benefits the human body.  Adding tart cherries to your diet, not only increasing your overall  antioxidant consumption, but also provides your body with condition-specific remedies for everyday ailments.  

Overall Antioxidant Power of the Tart Cherry

Antioxidant power of a food is measured but its ORAC score. ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) measures a foods ability to combat free radicals in the body. Over the years, ORAC was considered extremely important in an overall’s food ability for a healthy body, however, recently it seem that a foods overall nutritional and condition-specific remedies are getting more attention.  

What is the ORAC value of Tart Cherries Anyway?

A few years ago, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published  ORAC value research by Jean Mayer USDA Human Research Center on Aging and Brunswick Laboratory. The research was conducted on several popular foods and when compared to other foods, the tart cherry and cherry products ranked very favorably. The ORAC in the tart cherry was higher when compared to orange juice, prune juice, red wine and dark chocolate. Check out the ORAC levels of different tart cherry products:   Cherry Products                               ORAC Units Per Serving Frozen Cherries – ½ cup                1,362 Dried Cherries – ¼ cup   3,060 Cherry Juice Concentrate – 1 oz.               3,622  

What is an Antioxidant and Why are They So Important?

An antioxidant helps the body to fight oxidation and remain healthy. Adding antioxidant rich foods, high in ORAC values, help to the body to fight off oxidative stress. Oxidative stress may lead to an unhealthy body and possible disease. By adding antioxidants to your body, you give your body the power it needs to fight “free radicals” and stay health. Free radicals are unstable cells that steal oxygen molecules from other health cells, thus leading to potential disease. Antioxidants help to  fight free radicals.

Cherries Help with Muscle Soreness

A study published in the Medicine and Science Sports and Exercise showed the positive benefits of Montmorency cherries and muscle recovery. The research was conducted on athletes that performed unilateral leg exercises. The levels of pain and recovery time were both recorded. However, no matter what your exercise routine is, adding a glass of tart cherry juice to your diet could help to ease muscle soreness, too.  

Help with Achy Joints

The compound in tart cherries and cherry juice including powerful polyphenolic compounds including anthocyanins. These compounds help to relieve achy joints and help maintain healthy joints.  

Get a More Restful Night’s Sleep

Did you know tart cherries are Mother Nature’s leading source of naturally occurring melatonin. This means by adding tart cherries to your diet you’ll be able to get a better night’s rest. If you’re looking for a supercharged way to enjoy tart cherry sleep benefits, grab some cherry juice. It contains 10 times more melatonin than the fresh cherries. With all of the studies available on the cherry juice and tart cherries, the common thread they have is this fruit is versatile, tastes great and packed full of powerful antioxidants.
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