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Where to buy tart cherry juice concentrate?

Where to Buy Cherry Juice ConcentrateAs more and more companies are selling cherry juice, the question isn’t where to buy cherry juice concentrate, but what is the best cherry juice I can buy for my money? While all cherry juice is not the same, you can be sure that when you buy Fruit Advantage tart cherry juice concentrate from Traverse Bay Farms, you’ll be getting the industry’s only sediment-free concentrate. This simply means that we guarantee that our product will not build up sedimentation at the bottom of the bottle. While it may seem like it’s not a big deal a product has sediment, we believe it does. The reason is simple, sedimentation can be caused by a number of different reasons including older concentrate, poor bottling process, poor storage and shipping. In addition, we don’t import tart cherry juice from China, Argentina, Poland, etc.  We use the Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate in our products. The biggest issue for us is the age of the tart cherry juice concentrate and that is why we only purchase juice from the most recent harvest. You customers never have to wonder if our product is from a harvest from several years ago. While older concentrate can usually be purchased a lower price, we believe only the most recent harvest is the very best. Secondly, sedimentation may be caused by a poor bottling process, inadequate storage or poor shipping. For example, we only bottle our product in glass bottles. This mean our product is shelf stable and we are able to ship the product to you tightly wrapped in bubble wrap, and once received you can store in your cabinet. Thus it’s not taking up valuable space in your refrigerator or freeze. Also, our glass bottles prevent any sort of plastic leaching. Leaching is a well-known issue in the food industry. Basically, when a liquid is packed in plastic bottles, the plastic molecules are actually leached from the bottle directly into the food. Since we only package our tart cherry juice concentrate in glass bottle, our customers don’t have to worry about drinking tiny plastic molecules. Finally, you can purchase our Fruit Advantage tart cherry juice concentrate directly from our website, from a local stores or visit our retail store locations. Here is how and where to buy tart cherry juice concentrate: #1: Visit the Traverse Bay Farms website at #2: Call us toll-free at 1-877-746-7477 and we’ll be able to take your order over the phone and get your juice concentrate shipped out within 24 hours. Also, we are the only company in the entire cherry industry at offers 24-hour customer service. #3: Visit your local store. If you can’t find in locally, give us a call and we’ll be able to share with you the closest store location. #4: Visit our retail stores in Northern Michigan. If you in Northern Michigan, feel free to visit our stores located in Bellaire or Elk Rapids. You’ll be able to find our entire product line at either of our stores. So the next time you looking where to buy tart cherry juice concentrate for gout, visit us, call us or order online.
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