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Manage your Weight with Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are packed with powerful antioxidants to help you enjoy a healthy and more active lifestyle. In this post, I would like to share some strategies to help you manage your weight with fruits and veggies. The best part is you'll also be able to download an action plan you can use to get started fast. So let's get started... Here are some easy-to-follow ways to cut your calories intake throughout your day. The two keys to success in not only managing your weight but reducing it is substitution and cut-backing on the amount of food intake. By doing these two simple things daily, you’ll soon recognize the difference. Check are a few ideas to help you get started, in addition, I have complete a downloadable report with some additional tips and tricks. Download the Manage Your Weight with Fruits and Vegetables Guide Substitution Ideas: Breakfast:
  • Change out one egg or half of the cheese in a breakfast recipes with mushrooms, onions or spinach.
  • Did you know adding vegetables to your meals adds both volume and flavor with fewer calories than eggs or cheese.
  • Swap out the ½ of the serving size of cheese or meat in your recipe with cucumbers, tomatoes or lettuce.
Cutting Back Ideas: Breakfast:
  • Reduce the amount of cereal per serving, while adding in some extra peaches, dice strawberries or cut-up bananas.
  • Replace your favorite sugar snacks with a combination of nuts, dried fruits including dried cherries for a tasty snack.
  • Blend in 1/2 of your soft drinks with some cherry juice or squeeze in
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