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Unbelievable Caramel Rolls

  pinterestcaramelrollsNow that the holiday season is upon us, I wanted to share an excellent recipe submitted by a fellow member of the Traverse Bay Farms family. Martha J. from Cincinnati, OH sent this recipe to us just prior to Thanksgiving and it is a twist on the traditional Cinnamon roll recipe.   This recipe takes gooey rolls and adds a Caramel topping. You can download the free recipe card from this link - Caramel Rolls Recipe Card    Best of all, if you and your family already have a traditional recipe, consider adding the Caramel topping to a single tray and you never know, you could have a brand new addition to your Cinnamon roll holiday tradition. Again a special thanks to Martha J. from Cincinnati, OH for submitting this recipe. If you have a recipe you would like to share, feel free to send it to us and we’ll get it posted.  
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