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What is Cherry Juice Good For?

A lot of our customers have read, heard or talked with someone about the amazing health benefits of the tart cherry. Up0n learning about this ruby red fruit and all of it health benefits the next logical step is call us and inquire. We get a lot of calls from current customers and new customers asking what is cherry juice good for? In addition to the cherry juice, we also get a lot of calls regarding the fresh fruit, the dried cherries, the capsules and the powder. So in respone to all of these requests we want to write a post on the Northern Michigan grown Montmorency tart cherry. First and most important is a lot of research has been conducted and published on the benefits of this fruit. Researchers from many of the leading universities and medical research centers have conducted research. Some of these outstanding organizations are the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of Texas and more.  In addition to the academic side of the aisle, a number of reseach and cherry companies themselves also conducted research on this fruit. What is most interesting is the results of most of findings of the colleges and universities are readily available online. This means anyone can read about what cherry juice is good for, what the dried fruit, the fresh produce and other cherry-based products may be able to provide to the end consumer. In response to a number of questions, we put together a video to further talk about the health benefits of the Montmorency fruit. Here is the video for your review:
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