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Cherry Capsules

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Tart cherry capsules are a highly effective way to getting the natural antioxidant benefits of the tart cherry. In addition to being very convenient, this form of this tiny red fruit delivers concentrated amount of the naturally occurring antioxidants. However, in addition to the cherry capsules, there are many different options to choose from to enjoy its health benefits. On this page, you’ll learn the most popular types of cherry products and how they compare to the tart cherry capsules.

Different Types of Cherry Products

Some of the most popular types of the products include tart cherry juice, dried cherries, cherry extract and even the fresh fruit. Thus, with all of the different type of ways of enjoying the cherry, what is the best way to take the cherry?

The answer to that question is simple. When deciding what is the best way for your lifestyle, you need to first decide “why” you want to add this ruby red fruit to your diet. Once you decide the “why” the next step is to look at the type of products that best answer the “why”.

Do you want to savor the sweet/tart combination as a quick snack or an enhancement to a recipe? Or do you want to enjoy it as a relaxing fruity drink with breakfast or a way to relax after dinner. Another option is do you want the health benefits of the fruit so you can enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle without concern for actually tasting the cherry flavor.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the more popular reason people what to add the tart cherry to their diet.
Quick and Healthy Snack

The two most popular cherry products for a quick and healthy snack include the fresh tart cherries and the dried fruit. Here is a brief overview of each of them for your review.

The Fresh Fruit

The cherry harvest is from Mid-July to the approximately Mid-August. During these four weeks, you’ll usually find cherries in the produce section of your grocery store and at local farmers market. However, you’ll usually find the sweet or dark cherries and probably not the red variety. The reason the sweet cherry contains more natural sugar, while the tart cherry is mainly used for cooking and cherry-based nutraceuticals.

Here is video further explaining the difference between the sweet and tart variety.

The Dried Fruit

The second option for a quick and healthy snack is to enjoy the dried fruit. Unlike the fresh fruit, which is only available during the short harvest period, the dried fruit can be enjoyed year-round. They are great for snacking, mixing with nut and tossing a small handful on a salad.
Enhance a Recipe

The fresh and frozen cherries and cherry juice concentrate can be used to add some great cherry flavor to almost any type of recipes. All three of these can be added to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Check out these great tasting cherry recipes.

Cherry Capsules Health Benefits

Since the tart cherry capsules don’t offer a “cherry taste”, the main reason people chose this option is for the antioxidant benefits. So if you’re looking for concentrated amounts of the benefits of this red fruit, take a closer look at the cherry capsules.

Due to the processing of the fruit into a powder, the powder is what is used to make the capsules, you tend to get more amounts of antioxidants per serving when compared to other forms. We call the proprietary process used to make the powder that goes into our capsules FruiTraction. Check out this link to learn more about the FruiTraction process.

In addition to being the first choice for melatonin, cherry capsules also delivers 5X the specific antioxidant benefits of tart cherry juice. One of the reasons for this is the cherry powder delivers the entire cherry, minus the pit and the stem. You are getting the skin, pulp and the juice of the fruit. Learn more about the proprietary processed used we call FruiTraction used to produce the cherry powder used to make our cherry capsules.

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