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Celebrate Green ER

Green ER (Green Elk Rapids) is a community wide celebrating it's fifth year. The event focuses on "green" lifestyles and environmential issues with activites for all ages. One of the most popular events are the "trashformations".

Trashformations are creations made from recycled and repurposed material with a "green" theme. All ages are encouraged to participant and trashformation are located throughout the village including the residential, commerical and the downtown shopping district.

Here are photos of the creations in front of our retail store located downtown Elk Rapids at 204 River Street. We had an alligator, deer, flamingos, birds and two giraffe’s. The kids called us the "Green ER Zoo" and they even named the animals.

Check out the video and the photos below of Green Elk Rapids at Traverse Bay Farms located at 204 River Street, Downtown Elk Rapids. All of the animals are made from recyclable and reuseable material including spoons, plastic bottles, bubble wrap, cups, heating hose and more.

Green Elk Rapids video at the "Green Zoo"
Photo of the "Green Zoo"
Green Elk Rapids - Green ER
"Choppy" the alligator
Choppy the Alligator
"Squawky" and "Birdie" the birds
Birdie the Birds
"Rainy" and "Rainbow" the flamingos
Rainy and Rainbow the Flamingos
"Chocolate" and "Vanilla" the bunnies
Chocolate and Vanilla the bunnies
"Orangey" the giraffe
Orangey the giraffe
Pinky" the giraffe
Pinky the giraffe
"Brittany" the deer
Brittany the Deer
"Larry" the Elephant
Larry the Elephant

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