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What the Celebrities are Saying Fruit Advantage:


Vincent DePaul - Actor/Producer
(Mad Men, Walk a Mile in Pradas)

Kevin Sorbo - Hollywood Actor
(Hercules, What If, Soul Surfer)


Chef Giuseppe Morisco
FOX's TV show Masterchef Season 2

Chef Ted
Featured on the show "Chopped"

More Celebrities with Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry Joint Formula
Maurice Green Sasha Cohen Chelsia Hightower
Maurice Green
- Olympic Gold Medalist
Sasha Cohen
- Olympic Silver Medalist
Chelsia Hightower
- Dancing with the Stars
Kathyrn Joosten Kiowa Gordon Hayden Panettiere
Kathyrn Joosten
- Desperate Housewives
Kiowa Gordon
- Twilight Saga
Hayden Panettiere
- Nashville
Zorianna Kit - Huffington Post Sofia Milos Katee Sackhoff
Zorianna Kit
- Blogger and Journalist
Sofia Milos
- CSI Miami
Katee Sackhoff
- "24"
Miss America Lauren Nelson Joe Pantoliano Ernie Hudson
Miss America
- Lauren Nelson
Joe Pantoliano
- Sopranos & Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
Ernie Hudson
-Ghost Busters
Michael Rady Kevin Sorbo
Michael Rady
- Melrose Place & Greek
Kevin Sorbo
- Hercules
Jessica Sierra
- American Idol
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Fruit Advantage on Fox 11 News in Los Angeles
More Hollywood Buzz About Fruit Advantage:
Debbie Durkin

"We were honored to have Fruit Advantage super fruit supplements at our Sundance Film Festival and Eco-Oscars exclusive Main Event Red Carpet Lounges. The Hollywood celebrities are staying healthy thanks to the benefits of your all natural, super fruit supplements."

Debbie Durkin - TV/Film Producer - Hollywood, CA

"...the celebrities are going for the (Fruit Advantage) supplements..."

Jane Ubell - Interviewed on WTTV Fox 11 News: Los Angeles


Madison and Maholland

Even More Hollywood Rave About Fruit Advantage:

Sarah Kozer

...just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry...I just added a capsule to my daily herb and vitamin regimen. I really became impressed today with an incident that happened last night.

I went to my usual yoga class, but was late and didn't really warm up properly... about midway into a difficult pose, I totally felt by back tweak and I realized, at the very least, I had for sure pulled a muscle. I finished the class and rode my bike back home... and realized after about an hour that it was much much worse than I had imagined. I knew there was nothing I could do about it until the morning...

It wasn't getting any better- kept feeling worse. Panicked as I just booked and am leaving for a Fitness Vacation tour in Hawaii in 2 days, I thought I might have to miss the trip. I took 3 Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry caps as an afterthought and went to bed- expecting to wake up immobile.

To my surprise- I woke up to barely any pain at all! My entire range of movement is restored (last night I couldn't even bend at the waist), and my back is only bothering me at a pain level of about 5%- compared to what felt like 150% last night! I really am amazed!

Thanks again...can't wait to try some of your other products and tell my friends... Have a great weekend!"

Sarah Kozer - Actress, Reality TV Star and Survivor: Borneo contestant - Los Angeles, CA

"I love Fruit Advantage supplements. I have integrated them into my everyday life and have noticed a substantial difference!

With a crazy schedule and constant contact with events and clients in the entertainment industry, I have managed to not get sick when everyone around me has been and feel more energetic than ever before!

I tell all the clients about Fruit Advantage and encourage everyone to try it...!"

Kristen May, Santa Monica, CA - Publicist for the Entertainment Industry

"My husband has been taking the Cherry Prime... and likes it very much. He's had knee problems for years and finds this quite helpful."

Maureen L., Los Angeles, CA 90036, VP/General Manager - Entertainment Executive


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