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Cherry Juice Capsules

Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry Joint Formula delivers the most amount of tart cherry per serving on the market. Each daily serving of Tart Cherry Joint Formula delivers the specific antioxidants of 5+ glasses of cherry juice without the sugar. Some of our customers refer to our joint formula as Cherry Juice Capsules, while this may not be the exact technical term it does still refer to this product. The reason some people may refer to them as cherry juice capsules is they do start out with the entire cherry including the skin, the pulp and juice of the fruit. Due to the process used to produce the final fruit powder, we call FruiTraction, this does deliver the specific antioxidant benefits of 5 glasses of cherry juice per serving. The History of the Tart Cherry The cherry has a long history dating back to prehistoric man. In fact, cherry pits have even been found in Stone Age caves in Europe. After the Romans discovered this tiny red fruit in Asia Minor, history states the Roman Legions carried cherries along with them during their conquests of Europe and England. Along the Roman roads, soldiers planted cherry trees to supply food and resources. The tart cherry was brought the United States by the early settlers and the first tart cherry tree was planted on Old Mission Peninsula near Traverse City, Michigan in the mid-1800’s. This region of Michigan grows over 65% of the U.S. tart cherry crop and is known as the “Cherry Capital of the World.” According to published research, the Montmorency tart cherry ranks low on the glycemic index and offers a number of naturally occurring antioxidants including Melatonin and Anthocyanins.
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