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We are only just beginning to discover the natural health secrets Mother Nature placed in simple everyday fruit. Due to advances in food technology we are now able to better understand how the naturally enriched compounds found in fruit help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As you stroll through our online orchards, you'll discover why fruit is so healthy and beneficial to the body. The Orchard of Health is the Internet's original fruit education source to explain the unique health benefits of fruit. We were the first to gather scientific and research information that has been conducted on various fruits and compile that information into one place.

While we are constantly updating our online orchards, we currently have gathered research on 10 different fruits. For example, you'll learn how tart cherries help maintain healthy joint function and cardiovascular health; why blueberries help maintain healthy brain function; why bananas are considered nature's energy fruit.

Our mission is to spread the word about the natural health benefits of fruit and to encourage people to eat more fruit and fruit-based products on a daily basis.

You'll learn that each fruit offers a condition-specific natural health benefit. For example, you'll discover how tart cherries help to soothe joint pain, while wild blueberries help to maintain healthy brain function. 

Enjoy a relaxing stroll through our online orchards and learn about the amazing health secrets contained in simple, everyday fruit.

At-A-Glance: Trending Orchards

Wild Blueberries - 23%
Tart Cherries -  30%
Raspberries - 17%
Pomegranates - 21%
Bananas - 9%

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