Low Impact Exercise for Seniors Videos 6 -10
Sep 30

These are great step-by-step videos to help anyone moving. Best of all these are low impact. If a person can exercise at least three times each week, you would be surprised just how much stronger you will become!  In this video series we are going to show you some great low impact exercises for people which suffer with arthritis. Check out this step-by-step low impact videos to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle when your have arthritis pain. In this video series post, you'll enjoy 5 low impact videos. Here are the titles and each video is below. - Dumbbell...

Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors Videos 1 - 5
Sep 30

Whenever a person has been diagnosed with arthritis, it is absolutely vital that they keep it moving in some type of physical activity.  Our joints and muscles are meant to move. However, exercise doesn't have to go hardcore when working out to keep the bones and muscles strong.  If a person can just exercise in a low impact fashion at least three times each week, you would be surprised just how much stronger you will become!  Today, we are going to be taking a look at some low impact exercises for people which suffer with arthritis. Check out this step-by-step...

Great Tasting Fall and Halloween Recipes
Sep 29
Great Tasting Halloween Recipes...Not to Scary!
How to Get the Right Weight Loss Mindset
Sep 14

With all of the craziness going on in the world including Covid-19 and increasing stress levels, it seems for many individuals extra weight and extra inches around the waist seems to show up without any reason. With that in mind, the first step to managing and losing weight is to get into the right mindset. Weight loss, like other areas of life, takes a certain mindset. For many, eating simply is getting the most convenient food that is available. The meals of today include more free frequent snacks and fewer sit-down meals. For example, you may not have a plan...

A Special Thanks to Betty for her Testimonial
Sep 01
Customer testimonial for Cherry Juice Concentrate from Traverse Bay Farms.
Cherry Harvest Season 2020 is Wrapped Up
Aug 31
Most of the Michigan cherry harvest season is completed. With the exception of a few Michigan cherry growers, the 2020 cherry harvest season is officially over.
Cherry Picking in Traverse City
Jul 20

Great news, it’s the 2020 U-Pick cherry season in Traverse City. Did you know the Traverse City area is often referred to as the “Cherry Capital of the World?”

The reason is this cherry growing region grows over 65% of all tart cherries in the United States. Some in this cherry-picking area also refer to this region as the “Traverse Bay Farms Region”, too.

The Link Between Arthritis and Activity Levels
Jun 18
When a person has arthritis, it’s vital that they keep it moving as best as they can in order to cut down on the pain and inflammation that arthritis can cause.
What is the Difference Between Sweet Cherries and Tart Cherries? - Cherries 101
Jun 16
It’s Cherry Season Every year during the warm summer months, the cherries explode from the beautiful cherry blossoms. It’s during these few short months these ruby-red orbs are available for harvest.
Discover Happens to Your Body When You Sit on the Couch Too Long
Jun 07

The Modern World And Lack Of Movement As human beings, our species is experiencing an unusual phenomenon that has only been relevant to our way of life for a relatively short period of time. As modern technology and society as a whole continues to progress, we have become significantly less dependent on manual labor. Modern living has shifted more and more towards automation in virtually every facet of society. In today’s world, the name of the game is convenience. As a species, simply obtaining what we need is no longer enough; we want it fast and with minimal effort. While...

4 Fun Ways To Get Off The Couch
Jun 03
I don’t need to spend any significant amount of time harping on the importance of physical activity and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.
5 Reasons Exercise Is So Important As You Age
Jun 03
t is no secret that exercise is an absolute must for those of us looking to enjoy not only an increased quantity of life, but more importantly, quality of life.
5 Key Motivators To Get Off The Couch
Jun 03

Often times, a little perspective and interrogation into the purpose behind our actions is crucial. In this article, we will discuss 5 major reasons that will hopefully put the spring back into your step.

Winner of 30+ National Food Awards
Jun 01
Traverse Bay Farms has win 30+ national food awards at America's largest and most competitive food competitions.
No more worrying about going hungry when you diet.
May 15

No more worrying about going hungry when you diet. That’s right with a Satiety Diet, you’ll feel fuller longer. The foundation of the Satiety Diet is to eat healthy foods that offer satiety – or the feeling of being full and satisfied. This type of diet includes food you already eat including fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts and avocados. Best of all, all you need to do to lose weight following a Satiety Diet is to simple eat these types of food on a daily basis. Download your Free Copy of the Healthy Recipes and Food Plan of the Satiating...