Low Impact Exercises for Chronic Pain
Sep 05

Chronic pain isn’t easy to live with. Simple everyday tasks that once may have been effortless have now become pain ridden. Those living with chronic pain seek endless ways to end the pain. Some seek relief through medication, acupuncture, surgery and natural home remedies. However, did you know some exercises can actually help with chronic pain symptoms. In addition, countless chronic pain sufferers search out low impact exercises that don’t trigger pain. Inactivity, while it may seem the best approach, may actually weaken muscles and joints. While this may be something that happens over time, regular low-impact exercise may help....

The Best Workout Fibromyalgia to Manage Chonric Pain
Aug 15

The best exercises for fibromyalgia include: Walking. Neck stretches. Swimming. Strength training. Upper body stretching. Tai chi. Gardening. We just completed and uploaded an excellent video showing low-impact exercises to help you manage your chronic pain and fibromyalgia. What are the Benefits of Exercises for Fibromyalgia Research points to the fact that exercise offers a number of benefits for everyone. However, those suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic pain, those who sufferer, exercising does offer a number of benefits. Research shows that daily exercise helps to increase the levels of serotonin in our brains naturally. Exercise can help sufferers manage chronic...

Discover the Benefits of a Holistic Practitioner
Jul 12
Did you know not all primary care doctors are not the same. Check out the information packed infographic below on finding the right doctor for chronic pain management.
Hollywood Loves Traverse Bay Farms - Caleb Foote - ABC TV Series - The Kids are Alright
Jun 28

A huge thanks to Caleb Foote, Hollywood star, for the following  photos of Caleb with our nationally award winning Traverse Bay Farms Black Bean Salsa. Caleb Foote has appeared in a number of excellent TV series including: American Horror Story (2011), Grey's Anatomy (2005) and American Crime Story (2016) and in the new upcoming new ABC TV series entitled: The Kids are Alright (2018). Also, make sure to take a look at the video trailer, below the photos, for the upcoming ABC TV series entitled: The Kids Are Alright. Caleb Foote First Photo: Caleb Foote - The Kids are Alright...

Diabetes, Tart Cherry Juice and More!
Jun 18
there is a connection between the ruby red tart cherry and maintaining health blood sugar levels. Check it out...
Chronic Pain Low Impact Exercise Video
Jun 15
Chronic Pain Low Impact Exercise Video
Health Benefits of Drinking Tart Cherry Juice
May 14

As America’s #1 award winning super fruit brand, we get asked a lot of questions regarding our all-natural fruit-based products including tart cherry juice. You see, since 2009, Traverse Bay Farms has won 26+ national food awards at America’s largest and most competitive national food competitions. This simply means we know a lot about what goes into making great tasting fruit-based products. As we move closer to the 2018 tart cherry harvest, I would like to share with you some of the leading health benefits of drinking tart cherry juice. You Can Get the Facts about Tart Cherries and Cherry...

Best and Worst Foods for Arthritis
May 03
More and more research is being published on the effects of different foods and an overall diet has on arthritis sufferers. However, most experts recommend that people suffering from arthritis pain should eat a healthy diet and balance diet. In addition, having a healthy body weight is also important to help reduce undue and excess pressure on the joints.
Tart Cherry Health Benefits in 2018
Mar 14

As the 2017 cherry harvest begins to wind down, we wanted to provide a quick update on the overall harvest for 2017, updated health research and what is currently happening for cherries. What is Happening with Cherries Now: The agricultural industry is heavily influenced by Mother Nature (1) . Fortunately, the temperature for the 2017 tart cherry production season was relatively cool. However, we did experience several hot days. In addition, this year’s Montmorency crop did experience a higher degree of moisture when compare to other years. These means it was a times difficult to get back into the orchards...

Enjoy a Glass of Tart Cherry for Healthy Joints
Mar 07

Cherry Juice Arthritis Cure Kelly K., a longtime customer from Sun City Arizona, called us last week and ordered another 6 bottles of our tart cherry juice concentrate. While she was on the phone, she told us that her favorite pain relieving treatment was our tart cherry juice concentrate. She said, “I have been drinking a glass of your cherry juice every day for the past several years and all I can say is it keeps me walking without any pain.” While on the phone, she also shared that she works part-time at the local farmers market and she said...

We got a photo of the Legendary Bigfoot
Oct 27

We have fans from around the world. The legendary Bigfoot stopped into our Traverse Bay Farms Elk Rapids store and we got a photo of him. Check it out below:

The History of Halloween and Your Halloween Check List
Oct 25

As the nights start to get colder, in fact we just received our first snow this morning in Northern Michigan, Halloween is fast approaching. No matter your age, hearing the laughter of children, dressed as ghouls and goblins,  walking down the street or the echos of "Trick or Treat" throughout the neighborhood, it brings a smile to your face.  With Halloween just around the corner, I wanted to include a Halloween Check List for you to use. It doesn't matter if you're hosting a party, giving out candy to the kiddies or talking with co-workers, it has some great ideas to...

10 Tips to Dealing with Chronic Pain
Oct 19

Pain is the natural reaction from your body due to an illness or injury. It is a warning that something is wrong. If the pain lasts for a longer period of time it is referred to as chronic pain. Usually pain that persists for 3 to 6 months is officially categorized as chronic pain. If you suffer from chronic pain, you know how difficult it is to go about your daily activities. The simple everyday activities like walking, gardening, cleaning around the house and making dinner, that used to only take a few moments, now take longer to perform. The...

Foods that Heal Pain Infographic
Sep 15

Check out this food that heals pain info graphic. Also, make sure to download our free Herbs that Heal Pain book, too. Here is the link for the book: Herbs that Heal Pain

Traverse Bay Farms Now Accepts Bitcoin
Aug 17

Traverse Bay Farms / Fruit Advantage today announced they will be the fruit Super Fruit Company in America to accept Bitcoin. As the #1 award winning super fruit company in America, winner of 26+ national food awards, Traverse Bay Farms / Fruit Advantage will begin accepting bitcoin immediately. According to Andy LaPointe, Managing Partner, “We want to be on the cutting edge of offering the top-of-shelf products and services to our customers. This includes alternative payments methods for our customers. Bitcoin is fast becoming a preferred way for a growing number of people to transact business and make purchases and...