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The Joy of Cherry Season in Northern Michigan: A Celebration of Nature's Bounty
Immerse yourself in the enchanting cherry season in Northern Michigan, a region renowned as the epicenter of US cherry production. Experience the freshness of hand-picked sweet cherries, tangy flavor and health benefits of cherry juice from the orchards.

Traverse City, the Cherry Capital of the World, and the entire Traverse Bay Farms region comes alive with the annual National Cherry Festival, a jubilant celebration of cherry harvests and community spirit.

Discover the potent health benefits of cherries and the nutrient-rich cherry juice, celebrated for its antioxidant properties and natural wellness benefits. Enjoy the culinary delights this season offers, from classic cherry pies to refreshing cherry juice concentrate, embodying the rich flavors of the region. The cherry season in Northern Michigan is more than just a harvest; it's a celebration of sustainable farming, community engagement, and nature's generous bounty. Don't miss out on the chance to partake in this vibrant tradition!

Health Benefits of Cherry Juice
Cherry Juice Can Fight Arthritis Did you know that drinking a glass of Montmorency, tart cherry juice can help to ease joint pain due to arthritis or gout? The reason for the joint pain fighting capability of the ruby-red super fruit drink is due to the presence of anthocyanins. Cherry Juice reduce arthritis pain

Cherry Juice Health
"Cherry juice health" are three words that you will be seeing, reading and hearing about in the near future.