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Jan 02

Salsa Tasting as Good As Wine Tasting Salsa Bar In A Box brings the great taste and the festive spirit of salsa directly to salsa aficionados, foodies and everyone who wants to enjoy a salsa fiesta with family, friends and co-workers. To enjoy a good salsa, you should be able to savor every ingredient, and then discover just enough heat to qualify it as a salsa - but it should not overwhelm the main ingredients.  Salsa Bar In A Box shows you exactly how to truly enjoy salsa! Salsa Bar In A Box includes everything you would need to throw a Salsa...

Jul 30
Download your free copy of the Secret Salsa Recipe cookbook. This recipe book is packed full of great tasting salsa recipes you can enjoy with every meal of the day.
May 06
Cinco De Mayo Pineapple Salsa Recipe
Nov 16
Grand Rapids Food and Wine Show
Jul 31
Download a free copy of the Traverse Bay Farms Salsa Recipe book