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Holiday Gout Survival Guide - How to Control Your Gout This Holiday Season
Nov 10
The holidays bring joyful times with family and friends, the time to reflect upon all of the blessings of life and recharge for the coming year. With all of great memories the holidays can bring, they can also bring gout flair-ups. That is why we created to share a Holiday Gout Survival Guide.
Foods That Will Give You Pain-Free Joints
Sep 12
You are what you eat, as the saying goes. If you add these foods to your diet, your days could be free of joint pain. Montmorency Tart Cherries This tiny, ruby-red fruit is packed full of phytochemicals...
Jun 27
Upcoming Michigan Cherry Crop Best in 20 Years
Apr 08
April is Defeat Diabetes Month
Mar 15

We've received a lot great comments about our new sugar free dried cherries. Now that these popluar cherries are back in stock, I wanted to share some additional information on the different types of cherries we have and what makes them different. The biggest difference is between the dried sour cherries and the natural, sugar free variety. As the name suggested, the no sugar ones have no infused sweetness. However, since they are a fruit, they do have natural fructose. This is the natural sweetness in all fruit. So these simply don't have anything infused into them. The next difference...

Jul 05
What is a Serving Size - Food Alternatives for Fruit
Jun 28
New lower fat alternatives food choices
Jan 23
Health Benefits of Berry Blog Series - Wrap Up
Dec 01
Tart cherries and cherry juice are packed with powerful antioxidants to help maintain health joints and sooth sore muscles due to physical exercise. In the United States, the cherry is mostly grown in Northerwestern lower Michigan. This part of Michigan is referred to as the "Cherry Capital of the World". The reason is the region grows over 65% of all of the U.S. crop. In addition, this region also grows a number of berries and other fruits.
Apr 11
Cherry Juice Melatonin
Apr 05
5 Power Foods for a Healthy Lifestyle
Mar 08
Cherry Juice and Melatonin
Jan 11
Melatonin Identified in Cherries
Dec 02
Concentrated Cherry Juice - Discover the health secrets to this powerful cherry juice drink.
Nov 24
Cherry Juice Benefits, Cherry Nutritional Facts and More