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Cherry Juice Melatonin

Did you know, Montmorency tart cherries have the highest levels of Melatonin and cherry juice is one of the best ways to get it. In addition to being Nature’s #1 source of naturally occurring Melatonin, cherry juice and cherries also contain other vital ingredients and vitamins including Vitamin A, C and E, beta carotene, thiamine, calcium and potassium. Research conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center has discovered that this fruit has a very unique quality. According to Dr. Russel J. Reiter, this little fruit contains significant quantities of Melatonin to produce positive results for an individual. The great news is the juice and the fruit could potentially:
  • Help with day time jet lag*
  • Help provide a good night’s sleep*
  • Help with the overall quality of sleep*
All of this and more can be accomplished naturally simply by enjoying a glass of cherry juice a few hours before you good to bed. The good news is thanks to ongoing research, we are still learning more about this amazing fruit.
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