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Take advantage of these extra savings offers. You'll find all kinds of great money saving deals, you simply can't pass up. You'll find monthly specials, deep discount deals and free shipping offers.

All of our current specials apply to online, mail, fax and telephone orders. You can place your order online using our secure shopping cart or contact us toll-free at 1-877-746-7477 to place your order of the phone. The price will be the same no matter how you place your order.

ADDITIONAL SAVINGS - Save an additional 10% when you order a larger QUANTITY of our fruit capsules and fruit concentrates! Look for these deals on our juice concentrate and capsules pages.  This 10% offer is over and above any free shipping or free bottle offers we have. This is a great way to save more with Traverse Bay Farms!

Check Out All of Our Free Shipping Deals Now!

We offer free shipping on any order with 8 or more items.  We ALSO offer specific free shipping deals and specials every month. We offer a number of products with free shipping and also offer monthly free shipping deals on select products. For example, this month we are offering free shipping deals on our Fruit Advantage Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate - 6 pack. Learn more...

Many of our products are shipped free on a regular basis including our Fruit Advantage Fruit Supplements, dried fruit (4 pounds) Gout Hater's Cookbooks and more. Check back often the discover our free shipping deals.

Yes, we have a very popular Customer Reward Program that offers 3.5% on all purchases. Click Here to Learn More about our repeat buyer program.

Excellent question! Yes, we offer unadvertised free shipping deals on a regular basis. This deals are shared to our customers with our Health Living newsletter only. These deals aren't published in our website, but only for subscribers of our Healthy Living newsletter. When you sign up, you'll also a FREE downloadable copy of the Official Tart Cherry Health ReportClick Here to Learn More.

Customer Answers to the Survey Question: Why do you like doing business with Traverse Bay Farms? 

Great Customer Support - 36% 
Free Shipping Deals - 26% 
Fast Shipping - 25%
24-Hour Live Phone Support - 13%

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Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice

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        Dried Cherries, Wild
        Blueberries and More!

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          Tart Cherry Capsules, Blueberry Capsules,
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            Nationally Award Winning
            Fruit and Gourmet Salsa

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