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Low-Impact Stability Ball Exercises
Dec 01
Tart cherry juice to reduce arthritis pain naturally. Enjoy a glass of tart cherry juice after a workout to reduce joint pain naturally.
Simple Ways to Manage Arthritis
Jan 18
There are many natural remedies to ways to manage arthritis pain including natural remedy practices, herbal medications, as well meditation techniques.
Exercises While Seated
Nov 10

Sometimes you may not be able to get up and walk around to loosen your joints and muscles. If you suffer from arthritis, it is absolutely vital that they keep it moving in some type of physical activity.  As mentioned in previous posts for arthritis and joint pain sufferers, "our joints and muscles are meant to move." However, due to your lifestyle or work environment you may not be able to get up and walk around the loosen your joints and muscles. But no worries, we've got your covered... Today, we are going to be taking a look at some...

Feb 20

With many parts of the United States experiencing extreme weather conditions including record breaking snow levels to unseasonal low temperatures, joint pain seems to be on the rise this year. The reasons include people are spending more time out in the extreme weather and shoveling more snow than in previous years. Not only do your joints support your body, they are designed to absorb the stress you place on them. Just like your muscles, they sometimes suffer from wear-and-tear, thus resulting in minor joint pain. So let’s take a closer look at 10 natural ways to get rid of joint pain...

Jan 31
In addition to eating right, regular physical activity is vital for your health. It can prevent most health problems that may increase as we age.