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How to Get Rid of Joint Pain Naturally – Part 1

Recommended Dosage of Cherry JuiceWith many parts of the United States experiencing extreme weather conditions including record breaking snow levels to unseasonal low temperatures, joint pain seems to be on the rise this year. The reasons include people are spending more time out in the extreme weather and shoveling more snow than in previous years. Not only do your joints support your body, they are designed to absorb the stress you place on them. Just like your muscles, they sometimes suffer from wear-and-tear, thus resulting in minor joint pain. So let’s take a closer look at 10 natural ways to get rid of joint pain naturally.

10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Joint Pain

1.      Hot and Cold Therapy Cold temperatures help to decrease blood flow, while heat stimulates the body’s internal healing ability. When using either approach, be sure to follow simple steps to ensure you get the most benefit from these natural therapies. Cold Therapy: When using cold therapy, make sure the temperature is not so cold it will damage your skin. You need to find a cold temperature that is comfortable for you. Here are few ways to use cold therapy: -          Use a cold bag of frozen vegetables including peas or corn -          Wrap a freezer bag filled with ice cubes with a towel and place on your joint Warm Therapy: Just like cold therapy, make sure when using warm temperatures it is not so hot to damage your skin. Here are a few idea on warm therapy: -          Warm a damp towel in the microwave and wrap in another towel to prevent direct contact with the skin. Place on the your joints -          Enjoy a paraffin dip. This works for hands, feet and elbows, too. -          A warm bath or hot tub When using either therapy, use the application for at least 15 minutes. They will allow the cool or warm temperature to penetrate into the afflicted area.

2.     Exercise your Joints

Exercising may seem like the worst thing to do when you experience joint pain, nevertheless, a number of experts recommended keeping the joints moving to relive your joint pain. These are simply exercises including flexibility, strengthening, aerobic and low impact water exercises. -          Flexibility exercises include yoga or Tai Chin -          Strength exercises include low impact exercises designed to keep the muscles around the joints strong. Check out these low impact exercise videos here -          Aerobic exercises include low impact walking and jogging. -          Low impact water exercises help to take weight off of your joints.

3.      Stretch Out Your Joints

Those experiencing joint tend to feel stiffer compared to those without joint pain. One of the reasons is joint pain can deter people from moving their joint due to the pain. Simple stretching exercising can help including a few stretching in the morning. However, experts suggest below stretching, be sure to warm up your joints with a warm shower or moderate stretches to get you going.

4.      Maintain a Healthy Weight

Carrying extra weight is not good for your joints and your overall health in general. Extra weight places additional stress on your joints. According to research, each 10 pounds gains increases the risk of getting osteoarthritis by as much as 40%

5.      Avoid Inflammatory Foods

Did you know that certain foods can actually cause inflammation in the body? Eating processed foods like crackers, pasta and even bread may cause inflammation in your body. This may also lead to inflammation in your joints, too. In addition, foods containing high sugar content or trans fat should be limited from your diet. In the next post, I’ll include the additional ways to get rid of joint pain naturally. In addition, you’ll have access to download a free copy of the Anti-inflammatory food Report. Feel free to learn more about tart cherry juice, now Note - This information is not medical advice. Consult your medical professional if you experience joint pain.
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