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February is National Cherry Month
Feb 08
Learn the history of National Cherry Month. Also check out this quick National Cherry Month Video
Jan 26

February is National Cherry Month. National Cherry Month is rich with history in both its origin and folklore. Check out these quick facts about National Cherry Month: National Cherry Month is in February because it includes President's Day and Washington's birthday. George Washington, that "alleged chopper of the cherry tree" is deeply rooted in President Washington's folklore. In fact, when asked by his father, who chopped down a cherry tree on family property a folklore was born. Young Washington replied, "I cannot tell a lie, I chopped down the cherry tree." We remember our 1st President by celebrating his birthday...

Feb 16

Cherries, cherries and more cherries is what many people are talking about this time of year. It may seem odd to be talking about cherries in the February, but the 2nd month of the year is national cherry month. This means that many of the people living in the leading cherry producing state are getting ready to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms that will begin to show themselves within a few short months. Like in the previous years, these freshly grown cherries will go to produce the 2012 batch of tart cherry capsules, dried cherries, cherry juice and more. However,...

Jan 30
Celebrate National Cherry Month with the Website
Feb 16
Celebrate National Cherry Month with Cherry Juice
Feb 01
National Cherry Month Website Launched