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National Cherry Month Infographic

February is National Cherry Month. National Cherry Month is rich with history in both its origin and folklore. Check out these quick facts about National Cherry Month:
  1. National Cherry Month is in February because it includes President's Day and Washington's birthday. George Washington, that "alleged chopper of the cherry tree" is deeply rooted in President Washington's folklore. In fact, when asked by his father, who chopped down a cherry tree on family property a folklore was born. Young Washington replied, "I cannot tell a lie, I chopped down the cherry tree." We remember our 1st President by celebrating his birthday and his unforgettable "cherry tree" story.

  2. President's Day is also in February. In addition to Washington's birthday, our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln also celebrates a February birthday. Both of these birthday's have been combined into President's day to celebrate these great men.

  3. National Cherry Blossom Festival is also in February. This annual event celebrated the official blossoming of the cherry trees in Washington D.C. This celebration dates back to 1912 when the people of Japan gift 3,000 cherry trees to the people of the United States to celebrate friendship between the two great nations. Each year, millions of people visit the National Cherry Blossom Festival to enjoy countless blossom decorate our nation's capital.

Check out this infographic to learn little know facts about cherries, cherry juice concentrate and National Cherry Month.

National Cherry Month

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