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Salsa Bar In A Box with Kickstarter

Salsa Bar In A BoxSalsa Tasting as Good As Wine Tasting Salsa Bar In A Box brings the great taste and the festive spirit of salsa directly to salsa aficionados, foodies and everyone who wants to enjoy a salsa fiesta with family, friends and co-workers. To enjoy a good salsa, you should be able to savor every ingredient, and then discover just enough heat to qualify it as a salsa - but it should not overwhelm the main ingredients.  Salsa Bar In A Box shows you exactly how to truly enjoy salsa! Salsa Bar In A Box includes everything you would need to throw a Salsa party! It is a complete selection of award winning salsa, tortilla chips, salsa name cards, salsa pairing cookbook and even dessert. You simply open and enjoy! While Salsa Bar In A Box is still about several weeks away from being available we just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help get the word out. See our Kickstarter campaign video here : Let us know what you think of the first draft our designer sent back to us for the logo?
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