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Jun 24

Wow, it's almost tart cherry harvest. As we get closer to the harvest, we'll keep you updated on the overall production of this year's crop. As mentioned a few weeks ago, we had a freeze for a few nights during the vital blooming of the blossoms. The crops did lose some production, but we'll let spread the word as we learn more. In the meantime, we just completed our Traverse Bay Farms July 2015 catalog including our tart cherry products. In addition, we include some addition information in this edition of the our catalog. Here is a brief overview of what...

Sep 05

Since we announced Traverse Bay Farms started to accept bitcoin on our website and in both of our retail stores, we have received some great feedback. Best of all, we have had customers ask about bitcoins and a few even made purchases. So it's exciting to offer this additional payment option to our customers. However, one area that really has stood out is we have had other small business owners ask about bitcoin and how they can use it in their business, too. To satisfy this increasing interest I wrote a whitepaper entitled: How Bitcoin can Increase Sales for Your Business. While this whitepaper was...

Sep 28

If you're looking for some great information you can grab for free to reduce your stress levels, check out this triple bonus package you can grab for free! Now that the hectic days of summer are behind us, it doesn't mean the coming months are any less stressful. To no surprise, according to the results of a recently published survey by the American Psychological Association the holidays are most stressful time of the year. However, what many people may not realize that October is the start of the coming holiday season.   The top three most stressful months of the year, in ascending order are October, November,...

Feb 01
Low Impact Exercises for Muscle Strengthening at home. Seven videos showing how to get start at home using low impact, muscle strengthening exercises to enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle. In addition, the simple exercises will help you to lose weight and enjoy more.
Jul 08
Read cherry juice
May 16
Cherries offer Health Benefits
May 06
Health Properties of Cherries - Free Book
Feb 07
Tart Cherry Health Report
Aug 24
Over 150 great tasting recipes for the diabetic lifestyle
Jul 31
Download a free copy of the Traverse Bay Farms Salsa Recipe book
Jul 31
Free Sleep Report - Learn how to get a more restful night's sleep naturally.
Jul 31
Learn how to get your kids to eat healthy. Free Report...Download Today.
Jul 31
Super Fruit Handbook - Learn the secrets of Mother Nature in this one-of-a-kind book. Download your copy now!
Jul 31
Free tart cherry health report - Download your copy today.