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Whitepaper: How Bitcoin Can Increase Sales for Your Small Business

BitCoin Traverse Bay FarmsSince we announced Traverse Bay Farms started to accept bitcoin on our website and in both of our retail stores, we have received some great feedback. Best of all, we have had customers ask about bitcoins and a few even made purchases. So it's exciting to offer this additional payment option to our customers. However, one area that really has stood out is we have had other small business owners ask about bitcoin and how they can use it in their business, too. To satisfy this increasing interest I wrote a whitepaper entitled: How Bitcoin can Increase Sales for Your Business. While this whitepaper was written for the small business owner it is an excellent read for anyone interested in learning more about bitcoin. While I fully realize many of our customers may not use bitcoin to purchase cherry juice or cherry capsules, we believe it always a good idea to educate our customers about the different options available.  By doing so it helps to build the confidence of our customers in knowing they are working with a company that is always on the lookout to offer cutting edge products and services, offer outstanding customer service and most importantly exceed our customers expectations by providing detailed educational information. Feel free to download this free whitepaper entitled: How Bitcoin can Increase Sales for Your Business FYI: We also have teach small business owners about the benefits of bitcoin, if you're a business owner and want to learn more about bitcoin for your business, give us a call toll-free at 1-877-746-7477 to learn more about our consulting services.
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