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Traverse Bay Farms Launches New Website
Jun 13

New and Improved Website for Traverse Bay Farms Great news, Traverse Bay Farms will be unveiling its new website. The new site includes an updated navigation, improved order tracking information for shipping and more. We'll announce when the new website will be launched.

Sep 15

Hey everyone, I wanted to reach out about a brand new splash video for our new channel on YouTube. The new channel is called: Traverse Bay Farms TV - Orchard of Health Series Each video will have the splash video as the introduction. Best of all, each video will have research-backed information for natural remedies, healthy recipes, home cures and beauty tips. Check out this new splash (introduction) video. We look forward to your comments and  your feedback. Feel free to post them here or on our Facebook page at:

Jun 24

Wow, it's almost tart cherry harvest. As we get closer to the harvest, we'll keep you updated on the overall production of this year's crop. As mentioned a few weeks ago, we had a freeze for a few nights during the vital blooming of the blossoms. The crops did lose some production, but we'll let spread the word as we learn more. In the meantime, we just completed our Traverse Bay Farms July 2015 catalog including our tart cherry products. In addition, we include some addition information in this edition of the our catalog. Here is a brief overview of what...

Oct 11
Traverse Bay Farms just won three additional national awards at the Scovie Awards.
May 30
Check out the new Salsa Bar T-shirts! Come celebrate the 10:00 AM Happy Hour at the Salsa Bar in the Traverse Bay Farms Elk Rapids, Michigan store. From 10:00AM to 11:00AM we will be having tastings of award winning and great tasting products.
May 20
Celebrating Green Elk Rapids with Recycled Animals
May 05
Happy Cinco DeMayo - New Tortilla Chips from Traverse Bay Farms
Apr 02
Product Review: Traverse Bay Farms received an great review of our pineapple and mango salsa from an independent blogger.
Jan 28
Visit the Traverse Bay Farms website fast with this one-click option. It's simple, easy and most importantly will save you time when placing an order with us.
Aug 20
Hot air balloons over Elk Rapids
Jun 28
New lower fat alternatives food choices
Sep 25
No price increase for customers of Traverse Bay Farms / Fruit Advantage for its popular Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate.
Jun 06
Fruit Advantage Cherry pills start will the whole fruit and then are produced into a powder that is encapsulated into an easy-to-swallow capsule.
Jun 01
Cherry juice and health benefits