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Celebrate with Us! Traverse Bay Farms Just Won Three More National Awards!

Scovie Awards 2014Celebrate with Us! We just received a call from Emily at the Scovie Awards. She just congratulated us on winning three Scovie Awards for the 2014 competition. Come celebrate with us with a $7 coupon of any order for the next 7 days.  You can use this coupon for any order placed from our website or over the phone. The coupon code is MRK277 More about the awards won: The Scovie Awards are the largest and competitive spicy food competition in America. Each year over 1000 companies submit products to the competition. This year, we entered 8 different products for the 2014 competition season and three of them won top awards. That's almost 50% of the products we entered, won an award. This brings the total national awards won by Traverse Bay Farms to a current total of 23.      

Here is an overview of the awards won at the Scovie Awards:

- 1st Place - Fruit BBQ Category: Traverse Bay Farms Apple BBQ - Medium - 1st Place - Jams and Jellies Category - Spicy not Hot Category: Traverse Bay Farms Red Raspberry Jalapeno - 3rd Place - Fruit Salsa Category: Traverse Bay Farms Pineapple Salsa - Medium While talking with Emily, she said she was impressed that our recently released Red Raspberry Jalapeno won 1st place. The reason is the Jams and Jelly category is the most competitive category and has the most number of entries each year at the Scovie Awards. In addition, what is nice about winning in these different categories is shows Traverse Bay Farms simply doesn't offer only one type of food product, but an well-round, health and wellness, gourmet food company. With the addition, of the Fruit Advantage brand for our super fruit based products including tart cherry juice, tart cherry capsules, wild blueberry capsules and more, our products are great with every meal of the day. Join us and celebrate with special $7 coupon off your next order. The coupon code is: MRK277 Also, if you haven't tried the Red Raspberry Jalapeno Jam, Pineapple Salsa or the Apple BBQ, now could be the best time order some and taste the best in America.
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