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What Time Does Your Happy Hour Start?

Check out the new Salsa Bar T-shirts! Celebrate the 10:00 AM Happy Hour at the Salsa Bar in the Traverse Bay Farms Elk Rapids, Michigan store. From 10:00AM to 11:00AM we will be having tastings of our award winning fruit salsas including cherry salsa, peach salsa, red raspberry salsa and more. Also, the black bean salsa and the Apple BBQ and Red Raspberry BBQ will be available for sampling, too! Also, just in, the new Traverse Bay Farms Salsa Bar Shirts are in. We've had a lot of Facebook friends and customers eager to get their hands before the Summer kicks off. The front of the shirt has a really cool circular left chest logo, while the back has a full size “My Happy Hour Starts at 10:00AM!” logo. As a way to celebrate, we are offering an exclusive $2 discount on the Salsa Bar T-shirt to our Facebook friends and readers of our blog. Grab a shirt and save $2 off the price (normally $20) so the price is $18. Check out the great designs below: backofshirt frontofshirt                   Close up of the logo on the left chest Salsa Bar logo                   Here is a link to grab your Happy Hour T-shirt
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