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Celebrating Green Elk Rapids with Recycled Animals

[caption id="attachment_2545" align="alignleft" width="300"]Green Elk Rapids Days Green Elk Rapids Days[/caption] Celebrating Green Elk Rapids with "Trashformations" Customers visiting our Elk Rapids store have really been enjoying the "trashformations" in front of our place in Downtown Elk Rapids. For the past few weeks the entire village has been celebrating "Green ER" or "Green Elk Rapids". This month long event encourages recycling and "going green". 2013 Green ER started on April 21st and is running through May 29. The entire month is filled with fun activities and events and the "trashformations". The trashformations are creations made from recycled and repurposed material with a "green" theme. Our building was nicked named the "Green Zoo" by two local girls. The reason is we have a number of "trashformation" animals outside including flamingos, giraffe's, an elephant, a deer and even an alligator. All of the animals were made from repurposed and recyclable material including bubble wrap, plastic bottles, heating hose, milk jugs, duct tape and more. Check out the entire collection of animals from Green Elk Rapids 2013 at this page on our website. We even have a great video of all of the animals on the Green Elk Rapids page, too.
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