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Happy Cinco DeMayo - New Tortilla Chips from Traverse Bay Farms

Celebrate Cinco DeMayo - Exclusive Announcement and Offer to our Blog Readers and Facebook Friends. - We are announcing a free bag of the new the soon to be released tortilla chips to complement our award winning line of fruit and gourmet salsa ! Traverse Bay Farms Tortilla ChipWhat other way to celebrate this fun holiday than with tortilla chips and salsa! In just a few days, our customers will be able to celebrate with the Traverse Bay Farms gluten-free tortilla chips! Great news...we are announcing the launch of a new corn-based tortilla chip. These new tortilla chips are gluten-free and also free of trans fat. This means they are ideal for those looking to enjoy gluten-free and trans fat free foods. They will soon be available from our website. Also, to help celebrate the launch of this complimentary product to our award winning line of fruit and gourmet salsas, we will soon be offering a free 4.5 oz. bags of these gluten-free chips when you buy 6 jars of salsa. While this offer will not be available to the general public for another few weeks, we are making this offer exclusively to the readers of our blog and Facebook friends in the near future. So keep an eye out for another post that will announce when you'll be able to get a free bag of the new Traverse Bay Farms Corn Tortilla Chips when you place an order for the salsa. The Traverse Bay Farms tortilla chips are available in two sizes. These sizes include 4.5 oz. and 12 oz.. The smaller 4.5 oz. bags are ideal for taking to the beach, for a summer picnic or during an office break. While the larger 12 oz. bag is just the right size to enjoy with family and friends while entertaining, boating on the lake or watching a summer baseball game. These tortilla chips can be enjoyed with any type of recipe. They are ideal for simply scooping salsa, making nachos or you can even crush a few of the chips and sprinkle on top of a taco salsa. The options to enjoy these gluten-free corn chips are endless. Keep an eye for the ability to get your free bag when you purchase 6 jars of our award winning salsa.
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