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Montmorency Cherry Juice

Montmorency Cherry JuiceWhat makes Montmorency Cherry Juice so special? With a lot of different types of cherry juice products currently on the market, why is the Montmorency variety so popular? To get started, let’s learn about the many different types of cherries and the products available.

The Sweet Cherry Family:

Black (sweet): The black cherry is a very popular variety for snacking. You can’t miss them in the produce section of your local grocery store or farmers market. This variety is usually deep purple and reddish-purple in color. The high natural sugar content makes them excellent for snacking. The sweet cherries contain a higher amount of sugar and thus more pleasing to the taste buds, than the tart or sour cherries. You can also find sweet (black) cherry juice on the market. However, when compared to the tart cherry juice, the sweet contains over 100% more sugar per serving. For example, one ounce of the sweet concentrate contains over 30 grams of sugar, while the tart is only 15 grams.

 The Tart Cherry Family

The most popular cherries from the Prunus cerasus or tart family are morello, balaton and Montmorency. So let’s take a closer look at each of them. Morello: The morello is native to much of Europe and southwest Asia and is one of the most acid of the tart family. This means the acidity level of the cherry and the juice have a sharper taste on the tongue. You know when you’re drinking morello cherry juice since it has a strong, acid overtone. Balaton: The balaton is named for a lake in Hungary and was originally grown in Europe, but I was introduced to the United States several years ago. The reason is they are more hearty and easier to grow than the Montmorency variety. Like the morello, this variety is higher is acidity than the Montmorency cherry. However, even with the increase acidity, this is popular variety of cherry for both cherry juice and dried cherries. However, when compared to the Montmorency, the balaton cherry has 6 times less natural melatonin then the Montmorency. Montmorency: This is the most popular variety of cherry on the market today. The reason is the much of the research you read about online, hear about on the radio or see on television has been conducted on the Montmorency. So when compared to the other tart cherries, the Montmorency cherry juice has more melatonin, more antioxidants and less acidity. This simply means you are getting more natural health benefits without the sharp acidic taste. In addition, when comparing the sweet concentrate to the Montmorency cherry juice, the tart variety has less sugar and more antioxidants, but is a little more tart on the taste buds. So if you’re looking to enjoy a great tasting, antioxidant-rich drink with less sugar enjoy a glass of Montmorency cherry juice. In addition, we do offer free shipping when you order 6 bottles of our Fruit Advantage Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate. We also offer free shipping on the tart cherry capsules, too.
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