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Low Impact Exercise for Seniors Videos 6 -10
Sep 30

These are great step-by-step videos to help anyone moving. Best of all these are low impact. If a person can exercise at least three times each week, you would be surprised just how much stronger you will become!  In this video series we are going to show you some great low impact exercises for people which suffer with arthritis. Check out this step-by-step low impact videos to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle when your have arthritis pain. In this video series post, you'll enjoy 5 low impact videos. Here are the titles and each video is below. - Dumbbell...

Sep 13
No matter the time of year a flat stomach is just plain sexy. However, rather than following simple exercises to loss belly fat, many resort to starving themselves. While the results of crash diets may work in the short-term, although the benefits of long-term use is questionable, implementing simple exercises and adding a glass of cherry juice to your daily will help to build good weight loss habits and maybe even the loss of stubborn belly fat.