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Cherry Juice and Weight Loss…How to Lose Belly Fat

Cherry Juice and Weight LossNo matter the time of year a flat stomach is just plain sexy. However, rather than following simple exercises to loss belly fat, many resort to starving themselves. While the results of crash diets may work in the short-term, although the benefits of long-term use is questionable, implementing simple exercises and adding a glass of cherry juice to your daily will help to build good weight loss habits and maybe even the  loss  of stubborn belly fat. In this post I would like to share with you three simple exercises how to lose belly fat and how cherry juice may help too.

Why exercising is good idea

Losing belly fat is more than burning more calories than you take in. It about building lean muscle and regular exercise helps to build up the lean muscle mass located underneath body fat. Increasing lean muscle mass actually helps to increase metabolism. This allows the body to consistently burn calories even when you are not exercising.

Combining strength training and cardio exercises

According to a study conducted at the Department of Kinesiology, The Pennsylvania State University, 31 healthy women that followed a cardiovascular and strength training routine for six months increased their muscle mass by 2.2 percent and lost 10 percent body fat. The key to losing belly fat is to balance cardio and strength training. Only following cardio with strength training may reduce muscle mass, slowing metabolism, while only doing strength training with balancing cardio may compromise your ability to loss belly fat.

Simple weight loss research study

In 2001, a study conducted by the Biomechanics Lab at San Diego State University revealed the top 13 simple exercises for the abs, however for the purpose of this article you will learn three of the top exercises. The study incorporated 30 healthy men and women ranging in age from 20 to 45. What makes this study unique is it included both occasional exerciser’s to those working out on a daily basis.

Top three simple weight loss exercises revealed

Here are three of the top simple weight loss exercises, as outlined in the San Diego State University, that will help to reduce belly fat are the bicycle maneuver, crunches on the exercise ball and reverse crunch.
  • Bicycle maneuver: Lie on your back with your lower back pressed to the floor. Place your hand beside your head and raise your knees to approximately 45-degree angle and begin the motion of riding a bicycle.
  • Crunches on the exercise ball: As you sit on the exercise ball, slowly lie back and let the ball slowly roll until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Place your arms over your chest and slowly raise your upper body to approximately 45-degrees.
  • Reverse Crunch: Lie on your back with your lower back pressed to the floor. Place your hand beside your head and then cross your feet at the ankles, lift your feet off the floor until they are at a 90-degree angle.

Drinking Cherry Juice

So what does drinking cherry juice have to do with losing weight? That is a great question and the answer is from the University of Michigan. A 2008 study was conducted by the University of Michigan to see if tart cherries had any advantage benefit to body weight. The findings of the study were published in the 2008 edition of the Journal of American Dietetic Association. The title was “The Effect of Tart Cherry-Enriched Diets on Abdominal Fat Gene Expression in Rats”. The researchers divided the rats into two groups of either a . The diet of the groups was either food that came with or without whole tart cherry powder. The researchers discovered that after a 12-week period, those subjects that were fed the whole tart cherry powder enhanced diet had 54 per cent fat compared to 63 per cent for the subject which ate a “western diet”. The researchers also discovered the waist line area was positively affected in the tart cherry enhanced fed subjects. While the research is still preliminary and was conducted on non-human subjects, the results of the study are still very impressive. In addition to the tart cherry powder, consider adding in some tart cherry juice concentrate too.
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