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Watch a Real Cherry Bear in the Cherry Tree
Jul 29

Fresh cherries are enjoyed by all...even bears! We have the Official Cherry Bear in the front of our distribution center in Bellaire, Michigan. This is a 13 foot tall Cherry Bear carved out of an Oak tree that had to be removed due to storm damage. This has been an icon of Northern Michigan since 2007. At our Bellaire distribution center. Our cherry juice, tart cherry capsules, dried cherries and other nationally award-winning products are shipped out of this distribution center. We even ship out the fresh cherries during cherry harvest in Northern Michigan. Here is a video showing the...

Where to Buy Cherry Juice Concentrate
Apr 07

Tart cherry juice is long considered a great tasting drink by countless number of people. In addition to offering an excellent and unique taste, it is packed full of health benefits. These include the ability to maintain healthy joint function* and soothe sore muscles due to physical exercise. So let’s take a closer look at where to buy tart cherry juice concentrate. Buy Tart Cherry Juice Online Over the last decade, tart cherry juice has become extremely popular and there are a number of stores and grocery stores that offer this tangy red drink. The next time you’re in your...

Tart Cherry Juice Powder
Feb 08
What is Tart Cherry Juice Powder? Discover the natural health benefits of this antioxidant-rich red powder.
These Customers Need Cherry Juice for Their Joints
Oct 31
These customers show up at our retail store in Elk Rapids every Halloween. They use our tart cherry juice concentrate for their joints.
Jan 22
We have been getting a lot of emails and phone calls asking about the benefits of cherry juice. In fact, just a few months ago Dr. Oz. had a show on cherry juice and the benefits it offers. In addition to the Dr. Oz. show a number of health-related website and magazines mentioned the tart cherry and cherry juice as one of the top foods for 2013. So with all of this interest in this little red fruit, I have put together an overview on the benefits of cherry juice.