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6 Benefits of Eating Food Products Made with USA Produce
Apr 28

During times of global uncertainly, eating foods produced in the USA with USA-grown produce and other ingredients is top of mind for many consumers.

With the lack of transparency for growing and manufacturing practices, when compared to the USA, many countries fall short in providing this vital information to the end consumer. Learn how Traverse Bay Farms stands apart...

Celebrate the Holidays with America’s #1 Award Winning Fruit Salsa Company
Nov 13
Celebrate the holidays with Traverse Bay Farms by enjoying some nationally award winning and great tasting salsa. If you’re looking for the best this holiday season, enjoy some of our nationally award winning products.
Jan 22

Who is Wilbur Scoville, you may ask. He was born 151 years ago on January 22, 1865. Mr. Scoville is the inventor of the Scoville scale.  This is also known as the Scovie Scale. The Scoville scale is an objective way to calculate how hot chili peppers really are. Chili peppers are then ranked by Scoville Heat Units (SHU). The scale ranges from zero, a green pepper, to 2,200,000 SHU’s. The hottest pepper on the scale is a Carolina Reaper pepper. While I’ve never tried a Carolina Reaper pepper, with a ranking of around 2,000,000 on the Scovie scale it makes me not...

Oct 21
Trick or Treat with Skeletons at Traverse Bay Farms in Elk Rapids
Jul 31
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