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Traverse Bay Farms Now Accepts Bitcoin
Aug 17

Traverse Bay Farms / Fruit Advantage today announced they will be the fruit Super Fruit Company in America to accept Bitcoin. As the #1 award winning super fruit company in America, winner of 26+ national food awards, Traverse Bay Farms / Fruit Advantage will begin accepting bitcoin immediately. According to Andy LaPointe, Managing Partner, “We want to be on the cutting edge of offering the top-of-shelf products and services to our customers. This includes alternative payments methods for our customers. Bitcoin is fast becoming a preferred way for a growing number of people to transact business and make purchases and...

Sep 25
No price increase for customers of Traverse Bay Farms / Fruit Advantage for its popular Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate.
Jun 06
Fruit Advantage Cherry pills start will the whole fruit and then are produced into a powder that is encapsulated into an easy-to-swallow capsule.
Jun 01
Cherry juice and health benefits
May 18
The tart cherry has a number of health benefits of cherries.
Jun 19
Cherry Juice Company Receives testimonial from Hercules himself.
Oct 22
Cherry Bear from Traverse Bay Farms