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Health Benefits Cherries

The Health Benefits of Cherries The tart cherry has a number of health benefits of cherries. However, before we get into these advantages, let's turn our attention to the history of this fruit. This will allow us to know a little more about this up-n-coming superfruit. This fruit has a tremendous history of offering a whole range of wonderful natural health benefits. In reality, this tart yet tangy fruit has traveled the globe from Asia-Minor to Europe and lastly brought to America by the early explorers in 1600's. The tart cherry has pleased the palates of persons for numerous centuries. This little ruby-red stone fruit has earned a place on the plates of Roman conquerors and Chinese nobleman. Soon after arriving in the New World, the fruit rapidly spread across the country. Ultimately, they ended up being grown commercially in numerous states such as New York, Washington, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Since its early beginnings, one region of the country has gained the title "Cherry Capital of the World". This area is located near Traverse City, Michigan. In fact, this section of Northern Michigan produces approximately 70% of U.S. production. The pioneer who is widely credited to bringing the tart cherry to Michigan is Mr. Peter Dougherty. In 1852, Mr. Dougherty, a Presbyterian preacher placed the first cherry tree on Old Mission Peninsula. After his initial trees starting producing, a lot of his neighbors also began planting trees and the first official commercial in Michigan was planted in 1893 on Ridgewood Farm. This first commercial orchard is on Old Mission Peninsula and was near the site of Dougherty's original trees. The peninsula is located just north of Traverse City. By the early 1900s, the industry was quickly spreading from Old Mission Peninsula to a number of surrounding cities and towns along Lake Michigan including Traverse City area, Benton Harbor and Elk Rapids. Since the early days, this fruit offers a number of ways to get the health benefits of cherries including cherry juice, u-pick-cherries, dried cherries and even in an easy-to-swallow dietary supplement. You can also download a free tart cherry health report that offers over 50 great tasting recipes and information about cherry juice
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