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What Are Cherries Good For

What Are Cherries Good For? At-A-Glance:

  • Tart Cherries are one of natures leading source of melatonin.
  • Cherries offer natural anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Tart Cherries help to reduce joint pain and soothe sore muscles.
  • Cherries are excellent source of antioxidants to help fight free radicals.

Cherry Juice Good for You

Did you know over 365 million pounds of tart cherries are grown each year? While over 65% of the annual cherry crop in the United States are grown in the Traverse Bay Farms region of Michigan. This region of Michigan is located in the Northwestern portion of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

It is during the 6-week summer harvest is when all of the cherries are picked. Once harvested, fresh cherries are only available for a few short weeks after the harvest season. The reason for such a short availability is the cherry is a very perishable fruit.

6 Top Health Benefits of Cherries

Cherries are a member of the stone fruit family. Other members of the stone family include peaches, plums and apricots. Any fruit that has a pit in the center are all of member of the same family.

Not only do cherries offer an excellent flavor enhancement to nearly any recipe, the health benefits of cherries are excellent, too.

  1. Cherries and Sleep Benefits

One of the best ways to enjoy the health benefits of cherries to drink tart cherry juice. It takes the juice of approximately 100 cherries to make just one ounce of tart cherry juice.

Cherry juice delivers high levels of phytochemicals including melatonin. In an article in the European Journal of Nutrition shared the results of 20 participants who drank cherry juice during a 20-day clinical study. Those who drank the cherry juice enjoyed improved sleep and an overall increase in the quality and duration of sleep over the time of study.

  1. Cherries Benefit Muscle Recovery

A number of research universities have conducted research on the health benefits of tart cherries. In addition to the overall benefits of cherries, many of these same organizations have studied the role cherries can play in exercise recovery and relieving muscle soreness. Research conducted in the Journal of International Society of Sport Nutrition stated participants in the study enjoyed reduced muscle pain after drinking cherry juice.

  1. Cherries and Gout

Cherries lower uric acid levels. That’s right. Studies have demonstrated eating cherries and drinking cherry juice may lower the risk of a gout attack. Another study indicated drinking cherry juice for at least 8-weeks experienced lower uric acids levels and fewer gout attacks.

Another tart cherry study of 600 people with gout symptoms reveal the individuals eating 1/2 -cup of fresh cherries a day, or consumed cherry powder, reduced their risk of a gout attack by 35 percent. In addition, those individuals who ate more tart cherries or took tart cherry juice, up to three servings per day, lowered their risk even further.

  1. Cherry Juice Arthritis Pain

Tart cherries and cherry juice is fast becoming the fruit of choice for those suffering from arthritis pain. The anti-inflammatory compounds in tart cherries are anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are responsible for giving tart cherries their ruby-red color. Cherries are natural Cox-1 and Cox-2 inhibitors. Tart cherries provide the body a natural way to fight arthritis pain naturally.

However, since fresh cherries are available only during the summer time, drinking tart cherry juice is an excellent way to get the powerful anthocyanins year-round. It takes the juice of about 100 cherries to make just one ounce of the tart cherry juice concentrate. Simply mix one ounce of the cherry concentrate with water to enjoy a 100 percent tart cherry juice.

  1. Antioxidant Benefits

Tart cherry juice delivers powerful antioxidants that help the body to fight free radicals. Free radicals causes oxidative stress on the cells of the body. This in-turn may lead to disease. Fortunately, tart cherries and drinking tart cherry juice can help. Nutritionists and dietitians suggest getting 3,000 – 5,000 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity). The ORAC value of food rates how well the food can fight free radicals. One ounce of tart cherry juice concentrate delivers over 13,000 ORAC units. It is a great way to enjoy the health benefits of cherry juice and stay healthy.

  1. Nutritional Benefits of Cherries

Cherries and cherry juice have a lot of nutritional benefits not offered by other fruits. The fresh cherries, ½ cup, or cherry concentrate, 1 oz. deliver a powerful nutritional benefit.

  • Vitamin C and Potassium
    • Both of these phytochemicals are found in fresh cherries and the cherry concentrate. Potassium can help to relieve muscle soreness and reduce the risk of hypertension. When compared to other fruits, like strawberries, peaches or apples, cherries have more per serving.
  • Dietary Fiber
    • Eating fruits and vegetables with dietary fiber may help with weight loss and the reduction of insulin spikes. Reducing overall body weight and eliminating excess fat can help lead to a more energic lifestyle.

Check out the cherry juice nutritional information, that is printed on the label for Fruit Advantage 100% pure cherry juice concentrate:


How to Get Cherries Into Your Diet

Cherries come in several forms. Depending on how you want to get the health benefits of cherries, will determine which is ideal for you.

Fresh Cherries:

Getting fresh cherries year-round is difficult. Cherries are a very perishable fruit. You’ll usually find fresh tart cherries your local grocery store or farmers market during the summer cherry harvest season. If you can’t find the fresh cherries locally during the summer cherry harvest, we can always shipping them to your home or office. In addition, if you are in Northern Michigan, the Cherry Capital of the World, you can always visit a U-Pick cherry farm, too.

Drinking Cherry Juice

This one the most popular ways is to drink cherry juice daily. Most of the people enjoying the benefits of tart cherries find drinking tart cherry juice not only provide great taste, but all is packed with nutritional and health benefits. We offer free shipping when you order 6-bottles of tart cherry juice concentrate.

The Best Cherry Juice Concentrate

While there are a number of different brands of tart cherry juice available on the market, here are the items to look for when buying tart cherry juice.

  • Sediment-free Guarantee

The Fruit Advantage Cherry Juice Concentrate is the first and only cherry concentrate to offer a sediment-free guarantee. This means our concentrate won’t have thick sediment or residue on the bottom of the bottle. Learn more about our sediment-free cherry juice guarantee.

  • Michigan-Grown Cherry Juice

Our cherry juice concentrate is made from Michigan-grown tart cherries. We never import our cherry juice from China, Turkey or Poland. You know you will always be drinking Michigan, Montmorency tart cherry juice with Traverse Bay Farms.

The Fruit Advantage pure cherry juice is easily made at home and you can get a glass of 100 percent cherry juice within minutes by simply adding water.

Tart Cherry Capsules

  • Tart cherry capsules have been available for the past several years. Thanks to innovation in food capability, cherry capsules now deliver more melatonin and other naturally occurring compounds of the tart cherry when comparted to the cherry juice and fresh cherries.

Unlike the cherry juice concentrate that only delivers the juice of the tart cherry, the cherry capsules deliver the skin, pulp and juice of the fruit in an easy-to-swallow capsule. This helps those who are looking to enjoy the benefits of cherry juice without drinking the liquid. Finally, the tart cherry capsules.

Tart Cherry Extract – Tart Cherry Powder

Tart cherry extract is the powder that is usually encapsulated and used for tart cherry capsules. Also called tart cherry powder. Tart cherry extract is ideal to be sprinkled over food including oatmeal, yogurt, fruit smoothies and more

Tart Cherry Recipes

Check out these simple ways to get tart cherry extract into you daily routine:

Cherry Fruit Smoothie

  • ¼ teaspoon of tart cherry powder
  • 2 tablespoons of wheat germ
  • 2 tablespoons of flaxseed
  • 1 scoop of green vegetable powder
  • 1 banana
  • ½ of frozen fruit. You can purchase frozen fruit that include a combination of blueberries, blackberries, cherries and mangoes

The Takeaway

No matter how you want to enjoy the benefits of cherries, you can find several different ways including  cherry juice, tart cherry extract, fresh cherries and cherry capsules. The most important item to remember is eating cherries daily is an important way to get the nutrients, antioxidants and flavor offered by tart cherries.



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