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Joint pain may be less of a factor for folks over 50


Things such as grey hair and wrinkles may be inevitable as we age. However, changes to your joints, bones and muscles were once thought to be avoidable, too…until now.

The results of a recently published, peer-reviewed research paper suggests that many of the factors associated with aging are due to inactivity. The research indicated that daily light-to-moderate physical movement can actually help reduce or reverse the risk of chronic disease, disability and weight gain. Learn more about cherry juice for older adults.

Did you know, nearly half of the people over the age of 75 have some form of disability or chronic pain? That is an astonishing number of people over 75 who are suffering from pain daily. Many of the common conditions include:

  • Osteoarthritis – This occurs when the cartilage within the joint breaks down. The breakdown of cartilage can cause pain and stiffness in the individual. Thus, rebuilding loss cartilage is vital to enjoying an active and healthy lifestyle. Learn how rebuild cartilage and lubricate your joints naturally
  • Osteomalacia – While less common, this is when the bones actually soften. This is an issue with individuals who may have problems metabolizing vitamin D.
  • Osteoporosis – This condition occurs when the bones lose mass and become brittle. It is when the bones are brittle that increase the likelihood of fractures.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – This common condition is inflammation of the joints. It is  inflammation that causes pain. Reducing inflammation naturally is important to keeping your body moving without pain.
  • Muscle weakness and pain – Due the fact the joints are afflicted with any of the above conditions, the associated muscles may be affected, too. The increased pain from the joints may cause the individual not to be as active as they may want to be. A reduction in activity may lead to a reduction of the proper function of the associated muscles.

Age-Related Changes in Joints

Your bones are cushioned by cartilage. This soft tissue lines your joints (articular cartilage). The synovial membranes wraps around the joints. The final component of your joint is the synovial membrane that is around both the joint and the synovial fluid. This is the lubricating fluid inside your joints.

As you age, your range of motion decreases and the joint movement becomes less flexible and stiff. This is due to the cartilage becomes thinner and the lubricating fluids in your joints actually decreasing. In addition, your ligaments also tend to reduce in size and shorten. This leads to less flexibility and joint stiffness.

For those over 50, reducing overall inflammation in your joints is vital to remaining active as you age. Many older adults seek all-natural ways to reduce inflammation. One of the top ways is to drink tart cherry juice daily. Did you know tart cherries are one of natures top inflammation reducing fruits. The reason is the presence of anthocyanins. This phytochemical acts similar to a Cox-1 and Cox-2 inhibitors.

However, an all-natural option available from drinking tart cherry juice daily or taking tart cherry capsules.

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Age-Related Changes in Muscles

Muscles naturally lose size as we age. Less muscle mass may lead to overall weakness, fatigue and an reduced willingness and overall tolerance to physical exercise. The lose of muscle may be contributed to the following factors:

  • Muscle tissue is lost and replaced by fibrous tissue.
  • Overall number of muscle fibers begin to reduce and shrink in size

Age-Related Changes in Bones

You bone is living tissue. As we age, the structure and makeup of your bones actually change. The most significant bone issue facing older adults is low bone mass. This means, your bones are weaker and the risk of breakage increases with a sudden fall or bump.

The following issues can cause low bone mass:

  • Lose of calcium and mineral. That is why calcium supports are vital to bone health.
  • An inactive lifestyle may lead to increased bone issue. One way to get out and enjoy life daily is to take tart cherry capsules. Cherry capsules help to reduce overall inflammation in your muscles and joints. A reduction in pain and inflammation often leads to a more active lifestyle.

Things to Do To Reduce Joint Pain

Daily exercise and movement helps to reduce age-related joint and muscle issues. Best of all, it is never to late to get started in enjoying an active and healthy lifestyle.

We have complied some of the top ways from published research to help to reduce joint and muscle pain naturally.

  • Older individuals may be able to increase muscle mass and overall strength with daily muscle strength training exercises.
  • Daily light to moderate activities may help to keep bones strong.
  • No-impact exercise like tai chi, can help improve balance and help stable the individual. Thus, reducing the risk of falling.
  • Drink tart cherry juice daily to reduce inflammation in muscles and joints.
  • Exercise in water. Aqua-resistance is low-to-moderate and may help to increase muscle strength and reduce bone loss without affecting your joints.
  • Daily stretching of your joints and muscles. This can help to maintain flexibility, strength and overall balance.

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