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Cherry Bear - Newest Northern Michigan Attraction

We just completed the Cherry Bear a few days ago and we have received a lot of attention about the sculpture.
The “Cherry Bear” was born when the 75-year old Maple tree in the front of our distribution centern began to die. The winter of 2008 was very hard on the Maple tree and many of the upper branches begun to die and fall to the ground. It soon became unsafe and the tree had to be cut down. With 75-years of history, we didn’t want to simply cut the tree to the ground so we began brainstorming on a way to keep this amazing tree around. From these brainstorming sessions the ‘Cherry Bear’ was born.
 The ‘Cherry Bear’ has only been completed a few days and it has already attracted the attention of many. We have had a number of people stop and take photos of the ‘Cherry Bear’. We even had an individual from a movie crew stop by and ask about the ‘Cherry Bear’.  We have people giving it nicknames like the ‘Bellaire Cherry Bear’ and the ‘Traverse Bay Farms Cherry Bear’.”
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